Statement on Uganda Travel Advisory


Dear Ugandans in the Diaspora,

As a community that often travels back home to visit family, engage in business ventures, and tourism among other reasons, the current trend of organized crime and mysterious death of foreigners and local residents in Uganda is very concerning. Gang related crime, armed robbery, home invasions, sexual assault and recently kidnapping is becoming a staple.

The growing security concerns in Uganda led to the United States Department of State to issue an “Exercise increased caution”  travel advisory for Uganda on 01/10/2018.  

To contribute constructively as Ugandans in the Diaspora while promoting tourism, foreign direct investment and reverse transfer of human capital to our country, it’s imperative that the environment on the ground is conducive and attractive to investors.

As UNAA President I will engage with other community leaders to deliver the concerns of our members to leaders in Uganda calling for effective and decisive action. However, there is nothing like absolute safety and crime is not only unique to Uganda. There steps we can take as individuals to safeguards ourselves.

Below are some measures to consider:

  • Don’t publicize your travel plans on social media and other platforms.
  • Travel with someone or in a group when in public.
  • Be careful what you eat/drink. Avoid leaving food unattended.
  • Have a contingency plan in case of emergencies.
  • Take more precaution when traveling at night.
  • Do your due diligence when looking for accomodation.

We shall continue monitoring the security situation in Uganda and keep our community members  informed. The intent is not to create mass hysteria but to find the right balance between the safety of our Diaspora community members and their families in Uganda while making sure the government takes concrete steps to curtail the insecurity that harms our country economically from the negative travel advisories.

Stay safe and enjoy your travels to Uganda.


Dr. Daniel Kawuma

UNAA President

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